Meeting Administrators have the ability to view how the agenda will appear to different users by selecting viewing options in Visibility Mode.

How to View Visibility Modes in a Meeting
  1. Click on the Meetings tab
  2. Click on Meeting Listing
  3. Navigate to meeting, click on meeting title
  4. Click on Visibility Mode drop-down

    NOTE: There are five different visibility modes to choose from:
    • My View
    • Limited View
    • Confidential View
    • Management View
    • Public View

Below is an example of how an item marked as limited view would appear for the various views listed above. Users can the ability to view more than one type of  visibility. The permission to do so would need to be given to them on their user profile. For more information on granted visibility privileges, view the KB article on User Permissions for the Meetings Module.

My View (Meeting Administrator):

Limited View:

Ability to view items marked as limited view

Unable to edit meet agenda item content.

Confidential View:

Ability to view items marked as Confidential.

Management View:

Ability to view items marked as management.

Public View:

Ability to view items marked as public. Items marked as confidential are not visible. Items marked as limited and management view will show only the agenda item title but not its content.

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