Who can take minutes?

The Minutes Administrator or the Meeting Administrator. The Super User for each meeting type can grant permissions to a user or users to take minutes.

How Can I Speed Up the Process of Taking Minutes?

In the Recommendation field on an agenda item, word your text exactly how the motion would be made. When it is time to take the minutes on that agenda item, simply click on Import Recommendation and the motion will be added to your minutes.

  1. Set User Permissions. The meeting administrator should verify that the appropriate user(s) have access to the meeting type. In addition to having access, all voting members should have the ability to vote enabled and all non-voting members should be non-voting attendees.
  2. Record Attendance. Taking attendance is needed in order to record member votes. It is best to take attendance prior to the start of recording minutes.
  3. Take Minutes for Each Item. Record minutes for each agenda item in your meeting.
  4. Review. Review your minutes to verify information and formatting is correct. If necessary, you can export your minutes to Word for further formatting adjustments. Note: Exported minutes can be attached to the next meeting for approval.
  5. Publish Minutes. After the minutes have been approved they can be published.

Each of the steps listed above are explained in further detail later in the Managing Minutes section of the Knowledge Base.

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