Requesting for association review can be selected for HTML Documents.  Once the Request Review by Association option is chosen, the document will go through a workflow process. Follow the steps below on how to request a review and the workflow process.
Note: Please contact your state association for an in-depth explanation of the review process.

How to Request Review from Association

  1. Hover over the Policies tab
  2. Click on the name of a policy type
  3. Locate and click on the name of the HTML Document
  4. On the HTML document viewing screen, click on the edit icon
  5. Once you are done updating the document, click on option Request Review by Association
    Once the option is chosen, the ability to enter Review Comments will be available
  6. Click Submit when done

Workflow Process and Document Status
Once a document has been submitted the status of the document will change as it goes through the workflow process. The statuses associated with the workflow process are Submitted, In Review, and Reviewed.

After clicking Submit on a draft document the status will change to Submitted.
When the association is reviewing the document the status will change to In Review.
When the association is done reviewing the document the status will change to Reviewed.

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