Learn the benefits of having your policies online in GAMUT.

An online policy manual is a vital part of the culture and governance of a school system, representing to the staff and community the philosophy of the board of education and its commitment to a sound governance process.

Provides everyone access to the most current policies!

Board policies serve as the framework and direction for managing the organization. GAMUT’s online policy system keeps all stakeholders aware and informed of current policies, regulations and exhibits. The GAMUT Policy Module makes managing your policies easier than ever. No more outdated policy manual binders!

Gamut’s Policy Module makes managing your policies, regulations and exhibits easier than ever by:
  • Providing everyone access to the most current policies, regulations and exhibits
  • Eliminating the hassle of maintaining multiple hard-copies of manuals
  • Allowing for public input on draft policies
  • Making policies easier to find for stakeholders through advanced search options
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