A user with permission to Administer This Type for a policy type and Manage Footnotes will have access to footnotes. On this screen, they have the following options available to them.

NumberColumn TitleDescription
1Add/Edit Footnote TypesClick to create, edit, and delete footnote types
2TypeClick on All or Type to view, edit, add, and delete corresponding Types’ footnotes
3EditPencil icon will allow you to edit the footnote and description
4DeleteTrash can icon will allow you to delete a footnote
Note: You will not be able to delete a footnote that has documents associated with it. You will first need to dissociate the footnote from a code.
5CodeIdentifier that documents can be associated to
6DescriptionTitle associated to a footnote
7ReferencesDisplays the number of codes associated to the footnote
Note: The number can be clicked on to view the associated items.
8UpdatedLast date the footnote was updated or changed
9Footnotes SettingsSettings for footnotes. Users can add a disclaimer, import/update footnotes, and export existing footnotes
10Add New FootnoteClick to add a new footnote for a section
Note: User can click on section first and then click on add a new footnote

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