What is GAMUT Policy Plus?

GAMUT Policy Plus is an upgrade to and replacement for your existing Manual Maintenance service. It includes new features designed to make managing and updating policies simple, fast and effective.

We didn’t sign up for GAMUT Policy Plus. Why am I getting this?

GAMUT Policy Plus is not a new service that you are subscribing to. GPP is an upgrade to your existing Manual Maintenance service, at no cost to you.

Why are you moving to this new platform?

The new GAMUT Policy Plus contains features that were not possible on the old platform. GAMUT Policy Plus allows you to:

  • Translate policies into more than 90 languages with one click
  • Incorporate CSBA updates with the click of a mouse
  • Edit policies directly in GAMUT with track changes
  • Submit policy questions and drafts directly to CSBA
  • Post adopted policies directly to GAMUT in real time 
  • Customize your GAMUT site to match the look and feel of your district/COE webpage
  • Eliminate posting delays
  • Make custom printouts for individual policies or your entire policy manual
  • Create and host your own library of documents (e.g., online student handbook)
  • Integrate polices directly into your meeting agendas with GAMUT Meetings 

When are you moving to this new platform?

Technically, we already have! We have been piloting the new platform with several districts but on October 30, 2020, GAMUT Policy Plus sites will become available for all districts that subscribe to GAMUT Policy Plus (formerly known as Manual Maintenance).

You should have received an email with a link to your site and instructions on how to use GAMUT Policy Plus on October 30th. (Note: districts that started using their GAMUT Policy Plus site before this date, already had this information.)

The old GAMUT site will remain up through June 30, 2021. However, CSBA will stop updating the old GAMUT site beginning January 1, 2021.

How is GAMUT Policy Plus different from Manual Maintenance?

The short answer: it’s not different – it’s better! The Manual Maintenance service has been renamed to GAMUT Policy Plus to mark our transition to the new platform. In that sense, it’s a name change.

The longer answer: GAMUT Policy Plus platform is a modern, cloud-based platform that makes updating policies so easy you can do it yourself, if you want. Over the years many districts have asked for the ability to edit and post their own policies in GAMUT. Now they can. GAMUT allows you to edit, update and post your policies directly.

When CSBA issues policy updates, you can add those to your policy manual as drafts with a few clicks of the mouse. You can then adopt and post them directly or send them to CSBA for review. This makes the entire process much quicker and ultimately means that the time between approving new policies and having them appear in your public manual will be minimal.

How can I get GAMUT Policy Plus? How much does it cost?

If you’re a Manual Maintenance subscriber, you already have GAMUT Policy Plus! If you have never had Manual Maintenance/GAMUT Policy Plus but are interested in adding the service, email us at gamut@csba.org.

But I love Manual Maintenance! Can I keep using it?

The transition to GAMUT Policy Plus does take a bit of adjustment, as does all change. But believe us: it’s worth it.

Think back to when you got your first smartphone: it took a bit of time to learn how to access all the features, but once you did you could do so much more than with your previous flip phones or pre-smartphone devices. You’ll find the same with our GAMUT Policy Plus platform: it’s easy to learn and master and will enable you to manage and update your policies much more effectively. But, if you need time to adjust to the change, we understand. 

CSBA will continue to process Manual Maintenance requests though the end of the calendar year – December 31, 2020. Any requests we receive before the end of 2020 will be processed by our staff and uploaded to both your old and new GAMUT sites. Beginning January 1, 2021, we will no longer accept policy updates for the old GAMUT/Manual Maintenance. But don’t worry – doing updates in the new GAMUT is fast and simple and we will walk you through the process.

What about the updates I already sent in?

CSBA will process all of the updates you have already sent in and incorporate the policies into your manual on both your old and new GAMUT sites. You can begin using your new GAMUT site for the October policy update packet.

When do we get training on the new GMAUT?

CSBA included 3 training videos in your October 30th email.  You can also access the videos in our library of help resources.  Starting in November, CSBA will also hold live virtual meetings every Tuesday and Friday at 2:00 p.m. to provide training and answer your questions. Each training session has space for 100 participants. Click here or use this link to join one of the webinars: https://www.gotomeet.me/gamut_meetings .

What do I need to do to start using GAMUT Policy Plus?

A few things:

  • First, you’ll need to log in. Use the site URL and login info we sent you on October 30, 2020.  
  • Next, you’ll want to link your new GAMUT Policy Plus site to your district’s website. Your policy site is already public, so once you do this the public will be able to access your policies in the new platform.
  • Once that’s done, take advantage of one of our training opportunities (see below) to learn how to perform key tasks on the site.
  • Finally, you may have policies that migrated to your new GAMUT site as drafts. These are usually policies that CSBA has deleted from our sample manual, or that we have renamed or renumbered. Other may be policies that are unique to your district. The draft policies won’t be visible to the public until they are moved out of draft status. This video explains how it’s done. You’ll receive a personalized email about your district’s situation; you can also email gamut@csba.org to discuss this issue.

Why are some of our policies drafts?

GAMUT Policy Plus relies on a consistent set of policy numbers and titles so that we can push updates to you whenever there is a policy revision or change in legal resources This consistent “codification” is also critical to the advanced search features in GAMUT. Some districts may have policies that do not match the existing codification system. This is usually because the policy is unique to the district, or because the policy is one that has been deleted from or renamed in the CSBA sample manual. This video explains more.  CSBA consultants can help you move your policies out of draft status. In some instances, a high number of draft policies indicates it may be time for you to overhaul and update your policy manual. To learn more or to get help with draft policies, email gamut@csba.org.

I’m not sure I can learn another new platform. Please make this easy for me!

We hear you! We’re offering a variety of ways to train you on the new platform:

  • You can look up answers to common questions about the platform anytime on our Knowledge Base
  • For the remainder of 2020, we’ll be holding live training webinars at 2:00pm Pacific every Tuesday and Friday.
  • You can view a pre-recorded webinar at this link
  • If you still have questions, email our training team at gamut@csba.org.

Who do I contact if I have problems with GAMUT Policy Plus?

Email gamut@csba.org with problems or questions about the platform. You can also access our Knowledge Base here to search for answers to your questions.

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