How to Edit an HTML Document

  1. Hover over the Policies tab
  2. Click on the name of a Policy Type
  3. Click on the name of the HTML document
  4. On the document viewing screen, click on the pencil icon
  5. Make necessary changes
  6. Click Save and Close or Submit

Options Listed on Policy Edit Screen

Sub Status Drop-DownDrop-down menu that shows the sub statuses that have been created
ApprovedCheck this box if the document has approved for adoption and it will be included in your manual
RescindedCheck this box when an HTML document is no longer applicable
Submit for Public ReviewCheck this box if you wish to get comments from the public
Delete DraftCheck this box if the draft is no longer needed
Request Review byCheck this box for review by your association’s analyst. This option is only available to select sites
Adopted/Revised/Rescinded DateEnter the adopted, revised, or rescinded date
Original Adopted DateEnter the date that the document was orginally approved
Last Reviewed DateEnter the date that the document was last reviewed
Note: This date will automatically update with the adopted/revised/rescinded (ARR) date. The Reviewed Date can not be earlier than the ARR date but it can be later.
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