After a policy type is created, document types need to be created and associated with it. Document Types can be named to match the information being shared such as policies, procedures, articles, etc.

Document Types can be marked with visibility restrictions and users can be given access to view all or specific document types created in a policy type.

How to Add a Document Type

  1. Hover over the Policies tab
  2. Click on Policy Type Administration
  3. Click on the Document Type icon for the policy type you are working with
  1. On the Document Type screen click on + Add New Document Type and enter the document name and identifier
    Note: When creating a new Document Type a user would also need to determine the documents’ visibility, type, public comments, limit to one document per code, and history.
  2. Click Save and Close
NumberColumn TitleDescription
1EditPencil icon will allow you to edit the document type information such as title and/or visibility
2DeleteTrash can icon will allow you to delete a document type
Note: You will not be able to delete a document type that has documents associated with it. You will first need to delete the documents and then the document type. HTML documents need to be rescinded and then deleted. PDF documents need to be deleted.
3NameName that has been given to this document type
4IdentifierUsed to filter documents on the Policy Listing screen. Also used to identify document versions if a document type supports more than one document per code
5CountNumber of documents associated to the document type for this policy type
Note: The count includes draft and adopted/approved documents
6VisibilityChoose for the policy type to be public or non-public
Note: More information on visibility restrictions in the policy module can be found in the Knowledge Base.
7TypeChoose if the document will be an HTML or PDF document.
HTML Documents – Users will be able to edit the document using the HTML editor in Simbli
PDF Documents – Uses will be able to upload a PDF document that cannot be edited in Simbli
8Public CommentsEnable to provide the option to mark documents of this document type to be available for public comments
9Limit to One Document Per CodeEnable to limited one adopted/approved document for a code
Note: If disabled, when a document is adopted/approved, GAMUT will automatically add a suffix at the end of the document code with a number surrounded by parentheses. Ex. A(1), A(2), etc.
10HistoryEnable to view past versions of a documents
11Add New Document TypeClick to add a new document type

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