A one-stop shop to see the status of all your pending agenda items.

You can access the Work In Progress Page from the Meetings menu if you have permissions to administer meetings, submit or approve items.

Items in your work in progress will be listed in the categories below:

Draft Items: The following item(s) are ones that you are working on but have not been submitted for approvalSubmitted Items: The following item(s) are ones that you have submitted but have not been approved yet

Approved Items: The following item(s) are ones that have been approved and have been placed on a meeting agenda. These items will remain on this list until the meeting date has passed. If you need to make a change to an item and resubmit it for approval, simple click on the “Edit” button

All Submitted Items: The following item(s) are ones that have been submitted for all meetings that this approver has permissions to view


  • Submitters will not see the All Submitted Items listing on their page.  This will show up only for approvers and the meetings administrator(s).
  • There will be a red number showing the number of items for that area.  Click on the arrow button to show/hide each section as needed.
  • If you are involved in multiple meeting types, you will be able to filter to a specific meeting type by using the drop down list on the top right that by default says ALL.
  • The green plus sign in the Draft items section allows you to quickly add a new item that you can submit to a meeting that have been created and to which you have the permissions to submit item.
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