The User listing screen displays all users on your Gamut site. The content displayed on this screen can be edited or filtered to show specific results.

Below is a breakdown of the information displayed on the screen.

NumberColumn TitleDescription
1Add New UserAdd a new Gamut User or Copy a User.
2NameClick on the magnify icon  and type the name in the search field.
3TitleClick the drop drown arrow to filter by title and select the title. Note: You can type the name of the title in the search field to locate the title faster.
4GroupsClick the drop down arrow and selects the group(s).
5PermissionsShortcut to access the user’s permissions.
6Activate UserWhen you are ready to notify the new user of their login credentials, click Activate User
7Force Password ChangeForce the user to change their password on their next login.
8Gamut NotificationsSubscribe to important Gamut Product & Webinar Update email notification.
9Last LoginThe last login date and time the Gamut user access the Gamut site.
10DeleteWhen you delete a Gamut user, you are only removing their access to your Gamut site.
11Filter ColumnsGamut users can filter by Title, Groups, Permissions, Activates Users, Force Password Change, Gamut Notifications, Last Login and Delete.
12Setting WheelAdd New User, User Import, User Activity Report, Permission Report & Multi-Factor Authentication.

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