The meetings listing screen displays all meetings on your GAMUT site. The content displayed on this screen can be edited or filtered to show specific results.

Below is a breakdown of the information displayed on the screen.

NumberColumn TitleDescription
1HeaderClick on the pencil to edit information that will be display to both the public and authorized users when accessing the screen. A full HTML editor is available for content input.
2Add New MeetingClick to add a new meeting to the GAMUT site.
3Upcoming/PriorClick on upcoming or prior to display meeting agendas that have a future date (upcoming) or meetings that were already held (prior).

This will apply a filter that sorts all meetings displayed on the meeting listing screen, regardless of their meeting type.
4LegendDisplay the meaning of the colors used on in the listing.Published (white background) meetings indicates that the meeting has been available online for the public and/or authorized users.

Unpublished (yellow background) meetings indicated that the meeting is still being worked on and has not yet been available to the public and/or authorized users.
5Date-TimeDisplays the date and the time of the meeting.

Filter Option: Input two dates to display meetings that fall within the chosen date range.
6Meeting TitleDisplays the title of the meeting agenda.

Filter Option: Display meetings that have key words or phrases in their title.
7MinutesIndicates if meeting minutes have be been published.

Filter Option: Only display meetings with published or unpublished minutes.
8Meeting TypeDisplays the meeting type the agenda is associated to.
Filter Option: Choose one or more meeting types to display only the agendas that are associated to them.
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