After choosing the type of meeting you wish to create (new, based on a meeting template, or copy of existing meeting) you will be directed to the meeting setup screen.

If you create a meeting using a template or copied a meeting, most of the fields will contain information. Information in these fields can be update or removed. If you chose to create a new, empty meeting, you will need to enter, select, or define certain fields. Below is a table with the fields and their description.

Meeting TypeSelect a meeting type from the drop-down menu
Meeting TitleName of meeting created, this will display on the meeting listings screen
Meeting Date and TimeDate and time meeting will be held
Location (line 1,2, and 3)Enter meeting room, location, and/or address
Header InfoInformation to be displayed at the top of agenda (can include images in addition to text)
Strategic Plan InformationChoose a strategic plan to link to meeting agenda
Item LevelsSelect how agenda item levels are displayed, choose between roman numerals, alpha, or numbers
Footer InformationInformation to be displayed at the bottom of agenda (can include images in addition to text)
Attached DocumentsAdd documents to overall meeting agenda
Add HyperlinksAdd links to overall meeting agenda
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