Make your agenda items come alive for attendees.

When an agenda item is created, users will have the choice to add fields for the item. These chosen fields will help to support the particular item that will be discussed or reviewed. A list of the all agenda item fields and their descriptions is listed below.

Agenda Item Fields
AlternativesList alternatives to the proposed items
ContactsList contact(s) responsible for agenda item
Custom1Customizable field that can be used in agendas
Custom2Customizable field that can be used in agendas
Custom3Customizable field that can be used in agendas
Custom4Customizable field that can be used in agendas
Custom5Customizable field that can be used in agendas
DetailsEnter details about agenda item
Financial ImpactList items impacting agenda item
GoalsSelect district goals that relate to agenda item
Implementation DateDate of implementation
Meeting MinutesAttach past meeting minutes to agenda item
PoliciesSelect policies to attach to agenda item
Quick Summary/AbstractShort summary of agenda item
RationaleReason for request of approval on agenda item
RecommendationRecommendation on how the Board would vote
SummaryBrief statement or account of main points
Supporting DocumentsAttach supporting documents i.e. Word, Excel, PDF documents

Why are Agenda Item Fields so Important?

Here are some reasons why using agenda item fields are beneficial to running an efficient meeting and keeping your attendees informed:

  • Ease of Viewing Agenda. Using item fields allows viewers to easily overview the topic or item at hand.
  • Ease of Searching. This searchable archive for agenda items will save time for anyone needing information on current or past agendas.
  • Ease of Taking Minutes. If you use the Recommendations field for Action Items, the contents of this field can be added to your meeting minutes with a simple click of a button and edited as needed.
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