After adding a workflow to an item, the workflow can be toggled on or off. Follow the steps below on how to enable/disable individual and multiple workflows.

How to Enable a Workflow on an Agenda Item

  1. Click on the agenda item
  2. Next to the workflow tab name, click to toggle on the previously saved workflow

Note: Clicking on the tab will show you the saved workflow

  1. On the pop-up, click on Enable Workflow

Note: You can choose to have a copy of the email sent out to the workflow contributor by selecting Send a copy to me. Additional comments can be added in the comments section.

  1. Once the workflow is enabled, an admin will see the workflow steps appear next to the agenda title and the current step in the gray bar above the item’s title

Note: All users with permission to view this meeting type will show in the drop- down

How to Enable a Workflow Multiple Agenda Items

  1. Navigate to a meeting agenda
  2. Click on the Settings drop-down
  1. Click on Agenda Workflow
  2. Toggle on the workflow for individual items or toggle on workflows for all agenda items

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