Creating workflow templates allows you the ability to save a preset format of a template so that you will not need to recreate the steps for future meetings and/or agenda items. This is especially useful for agenda items that generally have the same workflow every time they are on the agenda.

A workflow template can be created and saved on an agenda item or you can create your own on the Workflow Templates screen. Follow the steps below on creating agenda workflows on the Workflow Template screen.

How to Create a New Workflow Template

  1. Click on the Meetings tab
  2. Click on Meeting Administration, then Meeting Types
  3. Click on the Workflow icon
  1. Click on the Add New Workflow Template button
  2. On the Add Workflow Template, enter a template name, needed steps, and workflow contributors
  1. Click Save or Save and Close when finished

Note: The Save and Save and Close options will not be clickable until the template name is entered.

  1. Once finished, the template will display on the main screen

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