Workflows can be managed both on an individual and mass basis. A user with administer meeting permissions will have access to the Agenda Workflow where they will be able to view the workflow status for all the meeting agenda items.

How to View the Agenda Workflow Screen

  1. Navigate to the meeting agenda
  2. Click on the Settings drop-down
  1. Click Agenda Workflow
  2. The agenda workflow screen will display
NumberLink or ColumnDescription
1Get Help With This PageLink will provide an overview of the information on the screen
2BackClick to go back to the agenda.
3Enable/Disable ToggleUse this toggle to enable/disable workflows for all agenda items that have a workflow. When a workflow is enabled using this toggle, the system will send an email to each active step contributor with a listing of all agenda items that are available for them to review.
4Item TitleAgenda item title.
5WorkflowThis column displays the current status of the workflow. The workflow can be expanded by clicking the blue plus sign. Clicking on Add Workflow will take the admin to the item workflow tab where a workflow can be added.
6NotifySend email notifications/reminders to all/any active workflow step contributor.
7Group ByGrouping agenda items by contributor provides an easy way to skip/notify a specific person across multiple agenda items.

As an item is going through a workflow its status will change. The table below lists and defines the various statuses a step or person may be in.

PendingShown when an item is available to a user to edit in a workflow.
WaitingShown when an item has not advanced to a user’s step in the workflow.
ReviewedShown when a user has marked the item as reviewed.
Edit RequestedThe user has requested for the item to be sent back to them to review.
Note: This status is only available after a user has reviewed an item and requests to edit the item again.
SkippedShown when a user is skipped on a step by an admin.
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