Below is a breakdown of the information an admin or a contributor would see when they are viewing an agenda that has enabled workflows.


  1. To skip a workflow contributor who has yet to review an item, use the Skip option. The skipped contributor will be notified via email and Simbli notification and the item will move on to the next contributor.
  1. Use the notify option to send an email and GAMUT notification to a workflow contributor. Comments added to the notification will be visible to all workflow contributors under the Comments section on the Workflow tab.
  1. To enable/disable a workflow, use this toggle. Enabling the workflow makes the item available for review to the first step contributors and notifies them via email and GAMUT notification. The item will populate on the My Items page for all contributors in the workflow. Each contributor will receive email and GAMUT notifications when the item becomes available for them to review.
  1. A text box that displays the date, time, and user who enabled the workflow.
  1. Use the item level notification button to send email to all or selected workflow contributors.
  1. As a meeting admin, you can click the edit pencil to edit an item workflow. If the workflow is enabled, editing is only available for future workflow steps.
  1. The comments sidebar displays all comments entered in email notifications or added directly to the item by clicking on the (+) plus sign. The sidebar can be expanded and collapsed.
  1. The step-level notification action button allows Meeting Admins to send an email notification to all contributors on the selected step.
  1. The step-level skip action button allows Meeting Admins to skip all contributors on the selected step.
  1. Status indicators are available on items that have a workflow in enabled state. The Waiting indicator makes the item available to the contributor to view but not to edit – the waiting indicator changes to pending when the workflow step becomes active. Pending indicates that the item is awaiting action by the workflow contributor. The contributor can mark the item as reviewed or return the item to the previous step. Reviewed indicates that the contributor has marked the item as reviewed and cannot edit it unless they are a meeting admin. Skipped indicates that the workflow contributor was skipped from the workflow. When a user from a past workflow step requests edit to the item, it is indicated with an Edit Requested indicator. Any active step contributor can approve or deny the request.
  1. Hovering over the status indicators will reveal more information in a tool-tip. The timestamps on the workflow tab are specific to when the workflow was created and modified
  1. Workflow status indicators on the agenda bar make it easy for meeting admins to track items with active workflows.
  1. Workflow status indicator provides an easy way to track which workflow step is currently active in all the workflow steps.

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