Board members will also see huge advantages in having all of the board agendas and their accompanying item’s details online. (However, the same is applicable to other types of meeting agendas that you manage with GAMUT!)

Immediate Access to Meeting Agendas

Meeting administrators can publish the agenda to the board and public at different times with the click of a button. You will no longer have to wait for paper-based packets to arrive. The Meeting Administrator can even automate an e-mail to you when the Meeting agenda is ready for you to view with the agenda attached.

Easy to Read and Digest

GAMUT’s meeting agenda items are created for you to be able to quickly scan down the page to review meeting item details. You can clearly see what the recommendations are and who is making them.

Access to Historical Meeting Archives

You will no longer have to archive meeting agenda packets yourself or ask someone to find past information. Everything is easily accessible and completely searchable across all past published meetings.

Agenda Items Relate to District Goals

Your meeting administrator and item submitters have the ability to link any agenda items to your District Goals. That way you can be assured that your meeting agenda items are focused and aligned on the District’s Strategic Plan.

Save Your District Money

School districts who use GAMUT point out that the cost of the subscription is hugely outweighed by the overall cost savings in paper and labor costs for the district, not only in the duplication and distribution of meeting packets but also in the time saved in the development of the agenda itself. If GAMUT’s Meetings Module is used for multiple meeting types such as Cabinet Meetings, Curriculum meetings, Principal Meetings, and even local school Council Meetings, the savings is even greater!

Offline Versions

Board members (and others given this permission) have the option of creating an off-line version of the board packet in case they need it when they are not connected to the internet. An offline version includes all of the agenda material and supporting documentation, as well as any sticky notes created by the board member. They can also print the agenda or any specific item from the agenda.

Make and Save Notes

Board members (and others given this permission) have the ability to write notes on any item. These “sticky notes” are available for each individual agenda item and will save along with the item for reference later.

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