Do you go to a lot of meetings?  Make your meetings more effective and save time and money.

GAMUT is great for the staff in your district who are responsible for creating meeting agendas and developing meeting packets.

Saves in Time and Printing Costs

GAMUT’s Meeting Module will not only save money in printing costs but also labor costs by streamlining workflow and eliminating paper dependency. It will also permit the public, staff, and board to access historical information without having to ask someone to find it for them.

Manage Workflow in Agenda Development

A GAMUT Meeting administrator has the ability to set up a meeting with a specific time and date. This person can assign items to others in the district to complete and submit for approval. Each item, when approved, can be placed on the agenda with all of its supporting data and attachments. The Meeting administrator can then publish the meeting and send out notifications regarding the published agenda.

Templates Save Time

The administrator can save a meeting as a template. This saves time if many of your meetings follow a similar format; therefore, eliminating the need to recreate the meeting every time.

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